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PostPosted: Sat Dec 03, 2022 3:28 am    Post subject: Gmv learn how to monitor this metric in your e-commerce

Gmv is the acronym for gross merchandise volume. Which in Portuguese means gross merchandise volume. It is a metric with which business managers can calculate the revenue their online retail business has generated over some time. It is important to emphasize that the game is an exclusive metric for online retailers. Indeed, through it, you can track the gross revenue from sales made via social networks, messenger apps, and e-commerce sites such as virtual stores and marketplaces, for example. 

Calculating and tracking gross merchandise volume is very simple. All you need to do is multiply the number of products sold by the individual product price over some time Phone Number List such as a day, week, month, quarter, semester, year, etc. So, let's say you own an online cosmetics store and you sold 88 units of the fictitious good shampoo plus in august when each unit cost $4.96. So, to find the gmv, just multiply 88 by $4.96. Thus, the gmv in the period was.

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You can also calculate gross merchandise volume for other periods. For example, suppose your store sold 1,093 good shampoo plus units in 2021. In this case, multiply 1,093 by r$4.96, which results in a gmv of r$5,421.28 in that year. Anyway, it's worth saying, if you use an e-commerce platform like a vortex, it's much easier to follow the gmv. Vortex has an oms module, which generates a financial report with different metrics for you to monitor, including the game. Video: learn more about gmv activate subtitles in Portuguese in the player controls on youtube.

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