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PostPosted: Sat Nov 12, 2022 11:28 pm    Post subject: Decidento supports manufacturers in their prospecting strate

Canceled trade shows reduced demand the search for leads and the conversion of these prospects into real customers represents a real challenge for companies in the industry . The current situation is an obstacle to the prospecting process. How to acquire new markets and generate more appointments in a context such as the one we are currently experiencing? Cutting-edge commercial prospecting for manufacturers Decidento's approach consists of a detailed prospecting method guided by our B2B data experts. 

Many companies rely on indirect or digital prospecting to acquire new customers but this kind of approach requires a real strategy to be conclusive. In 2018, only 12% of companies trained their Job Function Email Database team in prospecting: a rather low figure which is reflected in the success of these commercial operations. Sales prospecting requires first and foremost having the right data at the right time: the lack of information about their customer is a real scourge among salespeople in the industry. Decidento sets up a business database with multiple sources. The plurality of channels therefore allows in-depth knowledge of the customer as well as the business opportunity, which facilitates making contact. 

Tailoring the offer to the client results in more effective results. Discover all the advice from our B2B data experts in our Complete Guide to winning new customers in the Industry Phase 1: support upstream of the project to understand your needs More than offering you business intelligence software, Decidento offers you a turnkey solution designed to measure and adapted to your company, your needs and your constraints. Decidento carefully studies each of your needs to propose concrete business projects relevant to your offer. Our B2B Data experts first carry out a diagnosis of your current commercial approach in order to fully understand your interests and needs. We are thus able to develop with you a strategy of prospection of the most pointed. 

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